'DWTS' Recap: Cher Says Something She Obviously Shouldn't Have (VIDEO)

Cher on DWTS

Good grief. Was Dancing With the Stars really on tonight, or were we sitting there watching a Cher concert? I know she's kind of a big deal and all, but all the hoopla surrounding her being there as a guest judge took away from the performances just a little bit.

And while she gave fun and entertaining commentary, it's obvious that she didn't want to get too critical or technical while rating the performances. And now all of us watching at home have one huge question on our minds.

What the heck did Cher say after Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy's jazz routine that made ABC bleep out her words?


No, you weren't imagining things and it wasn't just your TV that went silent right after Cher said, "I like it when ..."

When what?!? What does she like that was too scandalous or risque to air on television?

Here's the clip of Elizabeth and Val's dance and critique from the judges. Take a look if you want to try and read Cher's lips.

Hmm. Sadly, we'll probably never know what exactly she said. But I'm sure it was pretty juicy. (Had to be, right?)

Anyhoo, even Cher's encouraging words to every single couple tonight couldn't save one of the pairs from elimination. And I think it's safe to say that pretty much everyone assumed this would be Bill Engvall's final night, especially since he and Emma Slater lost the dance-off to Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke.

But then Tom Bergeron announced that they were safe, and it was like deja vu of the past few weeks all over again.

And while I'm sad to see Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd go, well duh, cuz he's super hot -- I'm not surprised that Jack and Cheryl had more votes than them.

It's all about how many people are rooting for you, I guess.

Do you think Brant deserved to go home? And do you have any idea as to what Cher said?


Image via TheVocalVault/YouTube

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