'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Out of Prison & Headed for TV Already

Amber Portwood release from prisonShe's out! She's out! Amber Portwood is out of prison! The Teen Mom star was released from the Rockville Correctional Facility in her home state of Indiana today, nearly four years before she was scheduled to get out.

And faster than you can say "good behavior," it looks like Amber will be headed back to television!


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See those folks checking out Amber's "Breaking Free From Addiction" shirt underneath her gray prison sweats? That's a camera crew, folks. They were filming her prison release!

So is Amber headed back to MTV? Already?

It would make sense; the prison allowed the network in to shoot an Amber: Behind Bars special, so they'd likely allow them to show up for her big day. And they had plenty of advance notice to get a camera crew out there -- Amber's brother Shawn Portwood has been talking about his sister's early release for weeks now. Over the weekend he tweeted that he was headed to Indiana for Amber's release.

Hopefully this will just be another one-off special to update us on how Amber's doing, and not a sign that the young mom is going to be a regular on reality television again. She's clean and sober and out of prison, and she needs to focus on living a normal -- aka non-celebrity -- life right now. That's best for Amber and best for her little girl, Leah.

What do you make of the camera crews around Amber's exit from prison? Will you watch an Amber release special?


Image via Splash News

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