'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Briana Should Have Listened to Her Mom

Teen Mom Briana DeJesusI keep saying that Briana DeJesus is one of the luckiest teenagers on television. The Teen Mom 3 star has a mom who will do anything for her. But it's not always easy listening to your mom, especially when you ARE one. And tonight that bit one reality star in the butt. Wait, make that two reality stars got a lesson in mother knows best!

After her epic fight with her parents on last Monday's show, Mackenzie Douthit had to make amends and listen to her mom's wishes about boyfriend (now husband in real time) Josh McKee. She ended up swallowing her pride and asking Josh to hang out with her family instead of running off to spend time with him. Not easy, but it was Briana DeJesus who really suffered on this week's episode.


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Roxanne DeJesus has been telling her baby girl that she should focus on school and her daughter instead of chasing after boys, especially a boy named Jacob who has been calling Briana non-stop. So what did Briana do? She decided she'd hang out with Jacob, but she was going to do it without telling Mom. Since she depends on her mom and big sister Brittany to drive her around, Briana even had to convince a friend to double with her to accomplish this down-low date.

It's only after all that, after introducing her little girl to a new guy, that Briana discovers Jacob has been dating another girl! To make matters worse? She can't even turn to her mom for support because she lied to her about seeing him!

Somebody should have listened to her mom, huh?

At least Briana wasn't completely involved with this jerk. Katie Yeager is nursing a broken heart after fiance Joey Maes dumped her and told her he's already moved on. It turns out the new girlfriend has a baby daughter of her own, and on Joey's first custody visit, the new girl is front and center at his four-wheeler race.

It was good to see Katie get some time on her own, especially after she admitted she'd never spent more than three hours away from her daughter. But Joey's jerk side came out when she asked to come over and breastfeed during his weekend so her breasts didn't get engorged and she could keep up her milk supply. He said no ... which bit him in the butt when Molli cried inconsolably because she wanted to nurse to fall asleep.

Guess Joey should have listened to his daughter's mom in that case.

As for Alex Sekella, it was a bittersweet evening. Her daughter turned 1, and we got to see her Dad make an appearance to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday. The person we did not see was Matt McCann who never answered Alex's texts to come see his daughter on her big day.

What did you think of Jacob? Did you see why Roxanne and Brittany had been warning Briana away?


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