'SNL' Spoof of 'What Does the Fox Say' Is Way Better Than the Original (VIDEO)

If you happened to miss Saturday Night Live this past weekend, stop everything you are doing and watch this hilarious video right now! This good advice goes double for you if you're anything like me and totally missed the reason why everyone thought the original music video and song for "The Fox," by Norwegian group Ylvis, was so funny it got over 190 million views. I know, I know, I've already been informed by my husband that my sense of humor requires a spray of WD-40. Got it.

But the SNL parody, which stars Kerry Washington and Jay Pharoah, features all of the funny without any of the weird. And you should prepare yourself to love Kerry even more because there really is nothing she can't do, is there? 


In the video, Jay portrays a boyfriend who is caught texting another woman by his snooping, wise girlfriend, played by Kerry. At a barbecue he begins by explaining that his mom says "muahhh" and his cousin says "money" -- mimicking the original song in which singers go on about all the various noises made by members of the animal kingdom. When Jay gets to the part where he describes what his girlfriend sounds like when she speaks, Kerry perfectly pokes fun at women who can't help but reveal their jealousy with: "Yanh Yanh Yanh Yanh Who That Who That Who That B***h?" 

But the topic of possible unfaithfulness isn't viewed solely through male eyes. Kerry also gets the opportunity to expose her boyfriend's foolishness when he locks his phone but unknowingly leaves photos of women's butts in the Clouds. 

It's a funny and original take on an unoriginal concept -- and it should definitely give "The Fox" a run for its money.

Check it out!

Which music video do you think is funnier? "The Fox" or this SNL parody? 


Image via YouTube

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