The Real Reason 'RHOA' Star Porsha Stewart's Husband Dumped Her (VIDEO)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back! In today's exclusive video, I discuss what makes the Atlanta version of the Housewives franchise the most-watched, as well as what makes Miami the least watched.

Kenya Moore is back with a twirl and a vengeance, but it was Porsha Stewart and Phaedra Parks who really caught my eye in this premiere episode.


I felt for Phaedra this episode, as she just couldn't catch a break with the editors. Every time she opened her mouth in her interview, the reality footage was there to contradict everything she said. She gets my sympathy as well as an A+ for breastfeeding on camera. You go, mama!

I wondered how the producers would handle the timeline between I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding and Atlanta, and in the video, I discuss the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make that happen. Also, why I don't believe the reason Porsha gave for her impending divorce from Kordell -- hint, I think Kandi Burruss' fiance Todd is on to something, with a little help from Orange County Housewife Vicki Gunvalson.

And lest we forget, The Real Housewives of Miami aired right after Atlanta, with the bachelorette party for Joanna Krupa (wedding number FIVE in six weeks!). After three seasons of being quiet, Alexia Echevarria found her voice, and for that she gets my Thug in a Cocktail Dress award. I discuss why she won the episode, and my theories on why Miami is the lowest rated city of the franchise.

Watch the video below for all this and more!

What do you think of what Porsha is suggesting about her ex-husband?

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