'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Lisa Hochstein Crosses the Line in Vegas

real housewives of miami In the first leg of the epic two-part Real Housewives of Miami finale, the girls headed to Vegas where Lisa Hochstein killed seven strippers totally lost her mind and alienated the entire cast. While it's hard to be totally anti-Lisa, she did her best to lose even her most ardent fans. Sure, her fertility woes are unsettling -- so is the tension she's feeling with her hubs Lenny Hochstein -- but that's no excuse to go around calling her best friends whores. 

And yet it did not stop her. Look, when Adriana De Moura is the one source of sunshine in an episode? That's when you know stuff has gotten well and truly bananas. The whole crew flew to Vegas for Joanna Krupa's bachelorette, and it was only Lisa who lost her mind. Lea Black stayed on everyone's good side, all grinding on a little person stripper of color. Even Adriana earned a spot in Joanna's heart by slapping everyone's boobs playfully.


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It was clear from the get-go that Lisa was bringing a lot of stress into the desert along with way too many outfits. She made sure to have a nice little fight with Lenny before she left, making me quietly anxious that they are going to divorce unless they work out this having-a-baby thing. She flew to Vegas intent to make it all about her and not at all about bride-to-be Joanna. 

Things began unraveling when the gang started drinking -- surprise! Look, I'm no teetotaler, but doing shots of vodka at 11 a.m. and planning on drinking all night is a surefire recipe for disaster. Even Joanna, who has never met a drink she would not happily quaff, tried to cut Lisa off and it was not for nothing. 

It all came to a head, as it often does, on the stripper-mobile Lisa hired for Joanna's amusement. After enjoying the gyrations of some very pale man-flesh, insults were thrown. Lisa crossed the line by calling Joanna a whore. This, my friends, was a poor choice. Not just because it's never cool to denigrate your friends, but because it's a sore subject. Perhaps due to the fact that Lisa is, uh, basically is a kept woman who should not be throwing stones? The episode continues on tomorrow. I'm having a hard time seeing what else could go wrong, but apparently Joanna might miss her rehearsal dinner!

Did you think Joanna overreacted or that Lisa was out of line? Also, how great was Lea this episode? SHE WAS SO GREAT! 

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