Kendall Jenner's Sex Tape Offer Sounds Like One Huge Mistake

Kendall Jenner sexCreepy old men, rejoice! Kendall Jenner turned 18 years old over the weekend and we all know what that means: the reality star can now legally do porn. She can also vote, buy a gun, and enlist in the military, but clearly the majority of people just care about the porn thing.

And those dirty companies aren't wasting any time. From the moment the clock struck midnight on her 18th birthday, the offers have been rolling in for Kenny to do the deed on camera -- offers so high that it might be difficult for a teenager to turn down.


TMZ is reporting that at least six companies are willing to make Kendall a porn star. One of the highest offers was from (I can't even deal with that name right now), who is willing to pay her a whopping $1.8 million.

I'm scared for Kendall. It sucks because she is such a sweet, beautiful girl and it seems like she's worked really, really hard to keep that "good girl" image. Sure, she takes the occasional sexy photo on Instagram, but ultimately, she seems like a good kid.

Enter Kris Jenner.

Now, if these offers are really pouring in as quickly as sources claim -- and they're willing to pay millions -- I can't picture the momager saying no. And at the end of the day, mother knows best. Don't you remember when Kim was skeptical about posing in Playboy? It was mommy dearest who told her that it would be great for her career ... and it would be a ton of money. A ton of money, sure ... but great for her career? I don't think so.

Bottom line: a sex tape is the wrong move for Kendall. She's the Kardashian that little girls can still look up to; she needs to milk that for all it's worth. And my God, I can't even begin to imagine how angry Bruce Jenner would be if she actually went through with this.

Let's hope she makes the right choice. She is an adult now, after all.

Do you think Kendall will agree to do porn?


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