'Teen Mom' Star Arrested for Breaking & Entering

Kieffer Delp Jenelle EvansWhat has it been now, two whole months since a star of the show Teen Mom was arrested? Devoin Austin II, the father of Briana Dejesus' baby girl Nova Star, got himself popped for drug possession back on Labor Day weekend, but it's been quiet since then. Too quiet! But now we've got a Halloween night arrest for breaking and entering plus two counts of driving with a revoked license.

Any guesses? Hint: it's not Jenelle Evans. Phew!


It is, however, Jenelle's ex-honey, Kieffer Delp. Ol' Reefer was brought in by Brunswick County, North Carolina deputies on the list of charges on Halloween. Some things just never change, do they? Check out his mugshot:

Kieffer Delp mugshot

Gee, it looks so familiar, doesn't it? And so are the charges! Remember when Jenelle got popped for a similar charge after she said Kieffer broke into a house and left her there to be caught by the cops? Ahhhh, the misty, water-colored memories!

A judge set bond for the three counts against Kieffer at $3,100, but something tells me Jenelle won't be bailing him out this time. And unless he can find someone else to pick him up from the pokey, he'll be cooling his heels for awhile in the same place where Jenelle's husband Courtland Rogers is doing time!

Ironic, isn't it?

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Whatever Kieffer has been up to (allegedly), it isn't Jenelle's fault. She's kept her nose clean lately. Still, it can't be ignored that this is the type of guy she picks ... and picks to be around her son!

Let's just hope Nathan takes this as a sign of what NOT to do!

What do you think Jenelle is going to have to say about THIS one?


Images via Instagram; Brunswick County Jail

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