Wendy Williams' Comments About Camille Grammer's Abuse Are Disgusting

wendy williams When a woman steps forward to say that she has been a victim of domestic violence, it's one of the scariest things she can do. Breaking that cycle of shame and abuse is virtually impossible. The women who manage it deserve support and sympathy. Sadly, talk show host Wendy Williams doesn't seem to agree.

When Camille Grammer bravely opened up, publicly sharing her allegations of abuse at the hands of her now-ex-boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos, the world was shocked. The graphic images she shared of her shattered phone and clumps of her own hair pulled out during the attack were stomach-turning. Apparently, that wasn't enough proof for Wendy. 


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On a recent episode of her show, Wendy threw some serious shade Camille's direction. You know, because nothing says support and class like publicly saying you smell a rat when a woman alleges abuse. Even if you privately think pieces of the story are missing, maybe instead focus in on the fact that, whatever the truth may be, a woman recovering from major surgery was beaten. Wendy had this to say:

This abuse is very, very serious and because we are women and we’re delicate of sex, it’s very easy to run and say a man abused us and people tend to believe that. However, this story definitely needs more investigation and definitely sounds sketchy to me.

Thanks for you two cents, Wendy. Too bad it's statements like this one that keep women all over the world silent and trapped. I know Wendy means no harm, and to her, she's thinking she's just doing her job. But when it comes to incidents of domestic violence, a less cavalier attitude is definitely needed.

Do you think Wendy was serious or just trying to drum up publicity for her show?


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