'Entourage' Movie Finally Gets the Green Light We've Been Waiting For

entourageI'm an out and proud feminist. I think women are equal to men and I think every person -- regardless of their gender, sexual preference, age, race, or identity -- should be treated with respect. I also really, really loved HBO's Entourage. What can I say? I am an enigma wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in puff pastry wrapped in a deep and abiding passion for Jeremy Piven saying, "Hug it out, bitch."

I'll admit I've wrestled with my own hypocrisy. Can I really say I'm a feminist and then totally dig a show about bros bro-ing down and objectifying ladies and tossing around sometimes easy always offensive snide one-liners? Then I let it go. Because the way I see it -- every dyed-in-the wool feminist is allowed her go-to dude-watches.


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You know -- a dude-watch. Let me define it for you in brief: A show that okays you turning off your brain and laughing. It often elicits a secret thrill caused by dumb jokes from a world that's only entertaining because it's so different than your own. Also, there are cute boys. Entourage is my number one dude-watch, so imagine how stoked I was when I heard that they are FINALLY making the movie version! This has been me, basically, all day:


While we not-so-patiently wait for E and the gang to hit the not-so-little screen, I've got a couple of other dude-watches to recommend for those of you hankering. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, just click directly to FX. There you will find both Archer and The League. You don't need to love cartoons to find the animated adventures of professional spy, consummate ladies' man, and general ass Sterling Archer hilarious. You need to know even less about football to enjoy The League, a sitcom about a group of Chicago-based friends (and Ruxin) and their fantasy football league. Admittedly, a baseline understanding does make it juuuust a little bit more enjoyable.

What are your favorite dude-watches?


Images via Walter Weissman/Corbis; Tumblr

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