'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: School Shooting Continues to Haunt SAMCRO

Sons of AnarchyWhen last we checked in with Sons of Anarchy, the Sons had helped the buxom and complex Venus Van Damme with an unhappy family issue, the DA offered Nero a deal to rat out SAMCRO in exchange for his freedom, and Tara made an incredibly drastic move to ensure Gemma couldn't get near her kids.

Last night's SoA episode was titled "Los Fantasmas" -- my Spanish is beyond rusty, but I think that means the ghosts, right? That would make sense, given the chilling scene that happened at the hands of a man tortured by his child's death ... and the lingering specters that are swirling around Jax, Tara, and Gemma.

(Spoilers ahead!)


SAMRO headquarters. AKA "Scoops & Sweets." Jax shows up at the temporary clubhouse and at first it seems like everyone's bummed because of what happened between Tara and Gemma (awkward!), but it turns out they've got other concerns: the headline in the paper reads "Local Gangs Tied to Aquino Shooting." Oh man. The DA wastes no time showing the paper to Nero and explaining that thanks to public backlash, the Byz Lats will be leaned on by cops -- and someone may subsequently give up SAMCRO to save their own skin. Meaning, hurry up and get to the confessin' while you still have a chance, Nero.

The Byz Lats. Bislats? Bizlats? Nero's gang? Well anyway, those guys: Fiasco's second-in-command gets taken out by a hit-and-run so smeary and gross it nearly tops last Sunday's Walking Dead high-centered-and-spinning-out-on-a-zombie scene. Who IS this mysterious deathwish driver? (And whoah, how about Juice's bald hurr don't curr total lack of flinching as he nearly gets creamed?) After our weekly dose of tussle -- Jax's headbutt knows no equal -- we learn it was the father of one of the boys killed by the shooter. He'd read the headlines and was seeking revenge. "I'm sorry," Jax tells him, inadequately. The guy's not exactly ready to heal and move on, though: when cops storm his house, he plunges a giant knife into his own neck. GAH.

Nero. Nero meets with the DA and says he's ready to give information about that KG-9. First he wants to make sure his son's going to be in the best facility the state has to offer, and he wants to be in a nearby jail so the boy can visit. "You'll be free to see him," she says, and he shakes his head. "No I won't." He tells her she can stop checking out SAMCRO, because he was the one who supplied the gun. "I'm responsible for the death of those children," he says. NEROOOOOOO!

His fate isn't left twisting in the wind for long, thankfully, because soon enough the DA is back. This time she's got good news -- she reveals that Toric killed Erin -- but she's also bearing photos of the kids gunned down at the school. She knows he isn't guilty, but she wants him to FEEL guilt for not sharing what he does know. She tells him he's free to go, but he should think about those dead kids every time he visits his son. Poor Nero's basically traded one pair of cuffs for another.

Gemma. Eli cuts Gemma loose from her holding cell, but not before a clunky joke about how it's the coffee that's black with lots of sugar, not him. Har de har har! Yeah, that was kind of weird, Eli. Unser drives Gemma home and delivers an amazing speech. "Bad history drives you, and it ain't what's best for the boys," he says. "You have a lot of sweet, deep love, but it's so wrapped around secrets and hate, I'm not sure if you can find it anymore." He finishes with the advice that she has two roads she can travel: one is slow and painful, but eventually leads back to her having the boys in her life. The other? It's the road the one she's already on.

Wendy. Ugh, I can't even talk about Wendy and her sadness and her manipulation by Gemma and her relapse and ugh.

Tara. Unser -- the king of last night's dialogue -- tells her he won't be able to help her anymore after what she did. "It breaks my heart that you had to become something so wrong to do what you thought was right," he says.

Jax. Jax confronts Gemma, calling her a sick twisted bitch who's never going to see the boys again. "Grandma is dead," he spits. In the final scene of the episode, he tries to reach out to Tara: "I feel so far away from you now. I know that's my fault. Please tell me how I can get back. Please let me back in." Their conversation is heartfelt and steeped in misery, and what answers can there possibly be at this point? How can they go back? They've both gone way, way too far.

What did you think of last night's episode? Do you think there's any chance for Tara and Jax at this point?

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