Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra May Finally Get What They Deserve

Catelynn Lowell, Tyler BaltierraWhile I would (secretly) defend every single Teen Mom to the death, I'd die a lot happier were the Teen Mom in question Catelynn Lowell. I'd also have no problem defending her fiance Tyler Baltierra in a duel or fisticuffs, should it come to that.

From their very first appearance on 16 & Pregnant, the couple has demonstrated a wisdom beyond their years. Their love and consideration for each other, the ways they work toward their goals, their goofiness, and their ability to rise above their family's drama makes them amazing folks to watch on T.V. That's why I'm maybe a little too excited at the long-dangled prospect of Tyler and Catelynn getting their own spinoff show.


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It isn't a new rumor, whispers of spinoffs have been circling for about a year. Throughout it all, Catelynn and Tyler have both been pretty mum. Since then, they've been busy in front of the camera and off, including their brief stint on Couples Therapy and other projects. 

But my vigil has not been in vain, friends. At least, if my obsessive overly-deep reading of Catelynn's Twitter account is any indication. While she didn't exactly start singing from the rafters about the glories of her new T.V. show with Tyler, Catelynn did reveal something interesting. Namely, she retweeted a fan's demand for a spinoff.

In the grand tradition of not "bro'ing" someone without "knowing" them, you don't retweet unless the project's compleet -- a fake and deliberately misspelled truism I myself have just devised. While nothing official has been confirmed, I think this is definitely a case of the arrow pointing to 'yes.' Come on guys, just let me have this one. I have so little. *Sighs and eats whole wheel of cheese.*

Do you think a spinoff is likely since the fans seem to really want one, or am I totally delusional (and also full of cheese)?


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