Camille Grammer Takes Courageous Steps After Horrifying Night of Abuse

camille grammerWhen Camille Grammer left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, no one was sad to see her go. Not even Camille herself! Reportedly miserable during her time filming, Camille was desperate for a fresh start. Going through a painful divorce from her then-husband Kelsey Grammer, it was all too easy for Bravo to paint Camille as their villain. It was only once Camille broke free from the show as a regular cast member that she really seemed to blossom. Now, new reports of disturbing violence against Camille threaten not just her happiness, but her life.


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A huge part of that change for Camille came with the beginning of her, by all accounts, amazing new relationship with the much younger hottie Dimitri Charalambopoulos. After years of feeling unloved and unappreciated, Camille seemed to really be thriving under her new lover's gaze. Which, you know, gross, but also adorable. Olds in love! It was almost enough to make you wish she'd come back to the show. Almost.

Now, the day after horrific allegations of Camille being abused broke, we're just thankful that Camille is safe. Photographs of the woman's bruised wrists, battered face, and clumps of her hair recently surfaced, painting an all-too clear picture of the shocking violence to which she'd been made victim. What made matters truly worse? The fact that the damage had been done, she alleged, by Dimitri. Camille has no intention of letting him get away with his criminal behavior.

She's got a restraining order against the man in place now, and thank God. Camille also wants the police to prosecute him. Documents submitted to court tell the story of a man with an explosive temper who lost his mind when a simple argument about a woman texting him escalated out of nowhere. Abuse is never okay -- it's even less so when the victim of the domestic violence is recovering from surgery for cancer. I don't like to bandy about the word 'monster' without due cause, but if these charges are true (and who would make them up), I think it's a word that fits Dimitri juuuust fine.

Do you think Camille was right to call out Dimtri for his actions on Twitter, or should she have kept the abuse between herself and the police?


Image via Frank Trapper/Corbis

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