5 Reasons Farrah Abraham REALLY Wants a New Book Cover

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham has had a tough week and it is only Tuesday. I'm talking of course about the audience backlash when Farrah appeared on Bethenny. Farrah reacted to it as she does, by lashing out irrationally in ways that will only hurt her reputation in the long run. In this instance, that person was Bethenny Frankel. Classy, Farrah.

Now Farrah's drastically trying to re-focus all the media attention. She's talking about changing the cover image on her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended. Fun fact, in an unofficial poll run by me and polling only myself, that is arguably the saddest title for anything, ever, on the planet.


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Farrah says she wants to update the cover of her book because "Sofia is cute" now. I think we can all agree that Farrah might have some very different motives for wanting the update. Sofia's looks have probably almost zero to do with it.

1. Her New Face

Farrah looks a lot different now than she did when the book was first released. So when she says, "Sofia looks cuter now," methinks the mommy doth project too much.

2. Keeping Her Name in the Press

With her sex toy line due to drop at any minute and hopes of one day starting a restaurant, people talking about her will definitely help move her business ventures forward.

3. Hoping to Bolster Sales

If more people are buying her book, Farrah gets dollars. Farrah hearts them dollars. Presumably they make her holler.

4. Reminding Us That She Can Read

Because it's the little things, you guys.

5. Her Secret Publishing Dreams

Farrah quietly dreams of writing the next great American novel. Her influences include Mark Twain, Philip Roth, and Gary Larson.

But seriously, why do you think Farrah is so hung up on the cover of her old book?


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