'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: The Season's Big Feud Is Resolved -- No Thanks to Lisa Hochstein

lisa hochstein Sometimes I feel like The Real Housewives of Miami is what would have happened if Henry James had been born this century and not abandoned his country of origin and taken up with jolly old England. The story of the 'wives is long and rambling. The plot is stolid and the characters manage to represent both the ideals of the time and the terrible hypocrisies that eat away at these easily spouted social mores.

Lisa Hochstein is a low-rent Isabel Archer. I say low-rent not because she herself is declassé, but because without the machinations of well-plotted schemers controlling her life as is the case for Isabel in Portrait of a Lady, Lisa is left to power her own story forward free of dexterously executed devices.


In short, this week, rather than realize she's been had by a wicked husband after her vast fortune, Lisa has become aware that the show is, in effect, a competition. Her grating and outrageous "peace-keeping" efforts torpedoed at Lea Black and Adriana De Moura were a prime example of this realization. In a word, this week Lisa made every single person on this show seem sane. Truly, that is saying something. 

The feud between Lea and Adriana was the central plot point of this season. It was also the cast's dividing line. Either you sided with Lea who felt used and lied to, or you joined Adriana and misunderstood the central themes of The Great Gatsby and also how watches work. This week Lisa took it upon herself to end their feud.

It was really none of her business. I think she knew it. Lisa's entire agenda this week was to assure her own place in the starry firmament of the franchise, alongside the likes of Vicki Gunvalson. The tactics Lisa used to force a friendship-fix involved confronting Lea about her past at a business function she was holding and then screaming about classiness on a street corner before nearly running over everyone with her Ferrari. 

I don't want you to come away from reading this with an idea that I dislike Lisa. This is not the case. If anything, I think she's the most compelling person on the show. I think it's got to be draining toeing the line between these women (observe the study in haggardness that is Alexia Echevarria). It was touching to see Lisa decide the wounds must be healed after learning more about Lea's life in Texas.

Ultimately, it must be said, Lisa's tactics did work -- Adriana and Lea quasi-made up. But it wasn't because of Lisa, it was in spite of her. Their detente had nothing to do with young Hochstein. Now with this rift healed, how will Lisa occupy her time? Avoiding her husband and her fertility woes in their giant echoing manse? Picking fights with Joanna Krupa? Anything at all to avoid the vast darkness of her endless future? Only time and Andy Cohen can know for sure. 

Do you think this was Lisa's star-making moment on the show, or did the episode ruin her for you?

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