'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Drops a Major Hint for Her Man

maci bookout and taylor mckinneyWhile a bit more private about her personal relationships than some of her co-stars, Teen Mom Maci Bookout's not exactly shy when it comes to what she's looking for in love.

This weekend, Maci took to Twitter to gush about what men can do that she finds "so attractive." And since we're pretty sure she's not single these days, we can assume she means what her current man Taylor McKinney does that she's so into ... right?


Hrrrmmm! From what I can tell, Taylor's wardrobe mostly consists of hoodies and T-shirts ... Could it be that Maci thinks clothes like that are indicative of him knowing how to dress? Not so sure about that ... (Then again, considering some of her recent fashion choices, perhaps!) More likely, she means that on occasion, her BF cleans up well (as evidenced by several pics of him in preppy attire!), which she finds hot. And she's dropping hints that she'd love for him to dress up more often? That's my guess at least!

If that's the case, then, awesome, good for her! We all want our significant others to try and spiffy themselves up -- for themselves and for us. No need to be a fashion plate 24/7, but making the effort is always appreciated. For instance, I understand that my husband basically has the clothes he's most comfortable in, that he would gladly wear until they were falling apart for the most part. But when he goes out of his way to don some dress pants and a button-down on a date night, I'm a happy wife. Likewise, I'm sure he appreciates my efforts to dress up (although, I'm a girly girl who loves to do it, so it's not like he suffers for lack of it!).

At any rate, let's hope Taylor's the man Maci's referencing in her tweet ... Or else he'd better get a stylist STAT!

Is not knowing how to dress -- or not caring to get dressed up now and then -- a dealbreaker for you?


Image via MaciShaneBookout/Instagram

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