Jenelle Evans Lashes Out on Twitter -- So Much for That Drama Ban!

Jenelle EvansRemember that time Jenelle Evans quit drama along with all her other vices? Well, I hate to say I told you so (untrue) -- BUT I TOTALLY CALLED IT. Woman is back on the crazy-train. This time her victim is the ex-girlfriend of her current beau, Nathan Griffith. Am I being too harsh, perhaps? Making mountains out of molehills and other cliches? Could this have been a private, personal matter? The answer on all fronts: No.

That's because the minute you blast someone on Twitter you must deal with my censure of your actions, you saucy beasts. I'm not saying it's nuts to ever have some sort of beef with someone who used to date your ex (#lifeproblemsIguess), but going onto to a social media site to not-so-subtly call them out? That gives off just the faintest aroma of insecurity, don't you think?



While what exactly Nathan's ex did to cause Jenelle's relapse into crap-stirring, is a mystery, I can safely say that overtly bitching about someone "going online to stir up" trouble by GOING ON LINE TO STIR UP TROUBLE makes you a tad bit hypocritical. It was tempting to believe that Jenelle's alleged "new leaf" was the real deal. But now I'm guessing it isn't.

The real question is, what does this tweet say about Jenelle and Nathan's future? To rant against someone's ex isn't the behavior of a woman who's confident in her relationship. It's a tell-tale sign of insecurity. Does this mean all is not well between the couple? That would be a real shame because it's seemed like Jenelle is totally hooked on the dude like I am hooked on microwave popcorn (really, it's a problem). Also, his teeth and abs are without parallel. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some "ab" related research to conduct. Tally-ho. 

Does Jenelle's tweet mean trouble in paradise, or was it just a momentary loss of her temper?


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