'I Dream of Nene' Finale Recap: The Pre-Nup Question is Finally Answered

I dream of neneI Dream of Nene is over! Now I must count the days until the show about Gregg Leakes' classy barbershop is pitched/picked-up/produced/and airs on Bravo. It has not been an easy road for Nene and Gregg Leakes. But you know what they say about true love and its path being anything but smooth. Last night after much stress, nail-biting, and bridesmaid bickering, Nene and Gregg finally made it to the altar. Of course, there were a couple of minor hiccoughs along the way.

The end result was pure perfection, but I'll tell you, at one point I did think Nene was going to punch Marlo Hampton full-on in the face. She deserved it, too! Thankfully our HBIC is far too classy for that sort of nonsense on her wedding day. In the two-hour EVENT (totally fitting for Madame Leakes' grandeur, darling) we were treated to a bachelor party, a family reunion, and the little ol' question about that pre-nup? It was finally answered.


The promos for the finale made it seem like Nene was none to thrilled with Gregg's shenanigans at his bachelor party. The truth was much more authentic and funny. Nene could give two figs whether or not Gregg hung out with a stripper (or seven). To quote her directly, "Anything they can do I can do better." I high-fived my T.V. so hard at this that I broke it. I have no T.V. now and it was worth it. The only thing that got Nene's goat during the finale was a lack of time to herself and Gregg's refusal to sign the damn pre-nup HOURS before the ceremony was set to take place.

He finally acquiesced, and I have to say, never has the agreement to enter into a legal contract protecting your assets in the event of divorce seemed more romantic. I cooed, you guys. I cooed at the signing of the pre-nup. Whatever, I have PMS, I apologize for nothing.

nene and gregg leakes

The wedding itself look sumptuous and super touching. There were a couple of hold-your breath moments when it looked like the paparazzi were going to spoil Nene's entrance, and then the bride herself got faint. But everything worked out. Note to self: Must have an entire gospel choir sing to me as I recess out of my imaginary wedding. It was the best. I also kind of adored that Nene and Gregg, drunk off their butts, clearly had no intention of getting their swerve on once they made it to their hotel room. It was a realistic portrayal of how most couples feel the night of their wedding -- or so I have been told. I would not know for lo, I am bitter and forever alone. GOODNIGHT EVERYONE *dives inside a garbage bag to weep*.

Did you think the wedding lived up to the hype Nene had built up, or was it a let down?


Image via Tumblr; BravoTV.com


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