Katharine McPhee's Married Boyfriend Gets Kicked Out of House By Blindsided Wife

mary mccormack We all saw the shocking photos of Michael Morris making out with Katharine McPhee. The very much married director of TV's Smash (not so much a smash as it has since been canceled) seemed to have no shame when it came to sucking the tongue of his slightly-less-but-still technically-married former cast member. You  know who else was apparently totally shocked? Morris's wife, actress Mary McCormack

While McPhee's marriage to manager Nick Cokas has been on the rocks for a while, Morris and McCormack's marriage was doing just dandy. Or at least, that's what McCormack thought. Morris himself tried to do damage control once the pictures first hit and confessed everything to his wife, but by then, it was far too late. Sources say, McCormack wants out, and she wants out NOW. In fact, it seems McCormack has already asked Michael to leave


While the actress herself has issued no formal statement, a friend close to her is speaking out. Even though the couple, who have been married for 10 years and have three young children, Mary can't see a way forward while still married to a man who would so flagrantly cheat on her:

Mary only found out this week about the affair after he confessed everything to her. She had no idea anything had been going on. The last thing she ever thought was that he was seeing another woman. She is beyond furious and is absolutely devastated. So is Michael. He really wants to make it work between them and try and save the marriage. But at the moment, Mary wants to split up with him.

It's one thing for the basically-separated McPhee to be photographed publically moving on with her life. But it's another for a man who hasn't ended his marriage of ten years to take that sort of risk. I have to admit, I half-hoped that Morris and McCormack had privately ended things. To know that he would be so disrespectful as to allow his partner -- and mother of his children -- to find out this way is reprehensible. The fact that Mary isn't already out of the door and his life forever is a testimony to her being a much better person than he deserves. 

Do you think Mary should leave Michael, or try to work things out?


Image via Lisa Rose/Corbis 

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