Nina Dobrev Reveals Pics of Who's Sharing Her Bed Now (PHOTO)

nina dobrev Ever since she broke up with Ian Somerhalder, there's been a lot of speculation about who might next catch Nina Dobrev's eye romantically. When word broke that she was dating Derek Hough, the nation collectively cocked its head and went "Really, him?". It's not that we don't like Derek. But he's certainly no Ian. Whoever Nina gets serious with next has some big and exceptionally sexy shoes to fill. 

But Nina is young and free and in the immortal words of Miley Cyrus, she cannot be tamed. It was only a matter of time before her next paramour was revealed. Ah, to be so very young and so very in love. We knew rumors would eventually surface, but we didn't think we'd hear a direct confirmation from Nina herself when it came to who was sharing her bed. Imagine our shock when she went a step further. Nina didn't just name her new bed-mate, she shared pics on Instagram! So who's Nina sleeping with? 


Her cat Lynx! Ha ha ha ha. Not sexually though. Nina is an out and proud cat-lady, and the series of photos she shared on her Instagram are definitely proof of that. It was a work day for Nina, but she was having a hard time motivating herself thanks to the sleeping puddle of cute beside her. “Howwwww do you get out of bed when you wake up to see this? #ultimatesnugglebunny #orshouldisaykitty?” Nina, I feel your pain. Even as I type, THIS is happening on the bed behind me:

my cats  

Yeah, I know. My cats are ADORABLE. So is Nina's:

nina dobrev's cat lynx  

I gotta say, I love that she is so openly a cat-lady! I'm already a huge fan of hers and this just makes me heart her more. It's good to know that even the star of a massively successful TV show can whine and moan about having to get out of bed and go to work. I couldn't help but chuckle when Nina described finally rallying and leaving the lovely kitty and her house: "Your eyes. Its your gaze! Captivating and oh so persuasive! But alas...a Television Show must be made." Basically it's too cute. All of it! 

Are you a cat person, or a dog person? I'm an all-of-them person. Even birds and spiders. 


Image via LAN/Corbis; Instagram  


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