Farrah Abraham Needs to Do Just One Thing to Save Her Career (VIDEO)

Farrah AbrahamSince backdoor mom Farrah Abraham's sex tape was released, she's spent a lot of her time doing damage control. Poorly. She's also spent a lot of time wearing peplum dresses and not knowing about current events (exhibit her discussion about Trayvon Martin, God help us). Knowing Farrah to the extent we do, it looks like silence might have been a better ally to her than all her lackluster denials, explanations, and defenses.

There's a video making the rounds that Farrah shot back in June. In it, Farrah "defends" her decision to release her "personal tape." Is her logic riddled with holes, her attitude reprehensible, and does she seem to demand you reach through the screen and shake sense into her? Yes, on all counts. But the Farrah featured in this tape has something in her favor, something the Farrah today doesn't seem to have anymore.


She's cocksure (pun not intend, but completely delightful)! Farrah is sassy and unapologetic. She's like a kid who says to their parents, "So what if I drink, you drink." Only instead of drinking, she is talking about having sex. Farrah -- though still thoroughly committed to the idea that it was a "personal tape" -- handles questions about her motives with gusto.

That's all gone now. Instead, she hems and haws and giggles about her new-found gross male fans. She enthuses about her sex toy line, but in a totally oblique way. If she's so intent on presenting herself as a businesswoman, this is an opportunity: Farrah could be the ultimate feminist. She could own the sex tape with the same lack of guile that she did in this video. If Kim Kardashian's empire was formed while she moaned under Ray Jay, Farrah can totally make this happen.

Do you think Farrah should own up to her identity as a feminist sex-worker, or keep doing what she's doing until we all forget about the tape?


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