Farrah Abraham Caught in Epic Lie -- Here's Proof

Teen Mom Farrah AbrahamRut-ro! Looks like Farrah Abraham had more than one big secret outed this week when a paparazzo snapped photos of the Teen Mom and boyfriend Brian Dawe making out over the weekend! Not only do we now know the identity of Farrah's mystery beau, but the lucky photog may have just caught her in an epic lie!

Could it be that the Teen Mom star's big tattoo reveal last week was just another publicity stunt? From the looks of the photos, yes!


Farrah tweeted a photo of her new ink on Thursday. The "mom" tattoo appears to wrap around the lower calf of her left leg.

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When I first saw it, I have to say I was a little surprised. New tattoos tend to be red and swollen, and most artists will suggest you keep them covered up for at least the first day or so to protect what is essentially an open wound. Even after they let you take the bandages off, new ink takes awhile to really look good -- between the peeling skin and the possible scabbing.

But Farrah assured WetPaint on Thursday that her new tattoo was 100 percent legit.

Then came the photos of Farrah and her boyfriend, supposedly taken over the weekend, including several of a bare-legged Farrah, with no tattoo in sight!

To be fair, none of the photos exactly zero in on the lower left calf, but there's one that caught the Teen Mom from behind, with a pretty clear view of the backs of both legs -- including that left leg -- and there's no tat. Another shows the two walking side-by-side, and catches the front and side of her left leg. Again, no tattoo.

They say if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Well, this one is quacking like a publicity stunt!

Maybe what she meant to say is that it was a 100 percent legitimately fake tattoo?

Why do you think Farrah would fake a tattoo? What else do you think is fake?


Image via Instagram

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