Jenelle Evans Might Be Giving In to One of Her Biggest Addictions

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans has been all about cleaning up her act lately. While I was initially skeptical, the girl was starting to have me convinced that when she talked about banishing drama (in addition to cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol) from her life, she meant it. Notice I was using the past tense. That's because Jenelle's latest overshare with her fans makes it clear that something isn't right. Could it be she's given in to one of her favorite addictions?

I'm not saying that she's fallen off the wagon where booze or any other substance is concerned. No, Jenelle stills seems sober. The addiction she might have fallen prey to is far more insidious than any chemical she might put in her body.


Jenelle's addiction to drama has resurfaced! (I know, ain't I a stinker?) The woman who basically a minute ago was demanding a drama-free life seemed to completely undermine that with her most recent share on Instagram. What has me so convinced that she's given in to her drama-seeking craving? This picture of her tear-stained face!

If you want to make your life a "drama-free" zone, pictures like this can't factor into the equation. You want to know what sorts of things those of us with zero drama tend to Instagram? Artsy videos of our cats! Maybe photos of some food, or a pair of new sneakers. The theme of them as a rule? Anything other than evidence that we've been recently sobbing. Oy.

What do you think Jenelle's so upset about?


Images via Instagram

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