'I Dream of NeNe' Recap: Tears, Puke & Insect Bites When the Ladies Hit Cancun!

nene leakes Just when I thought I Dream of NeNe could get no better, the ladies flew to Cancun. CANCUN, Y'ALL! As we've seen on other Housewives-related programs, things can get straight real when casts head south of the border. Wait. That sounded like I was implying stuff like murdered prostitutes and getting caught up with drug cartels. Sadly none of that occurred. (Unless they are saving it for the reunion.) 

But don't worry -- there was plenty of drama. It included the delivery of a mysterious and creepy portrait, NeNe's refusal to swim with dolphins because of her menstrual cycle, a drunk bridesmaid, a crying bridesmaid, a drunk-crying bridesmaid, and lip-disfiguring mosquito bites. Thank you Bravo, for this sweet gift. What will I even do with myself once it's over? 


While Gregg Leakes was planning all manner of romantic surprises for NeNe, she and her bridesmaids were ogling a Mexican soccer team. Fine, Mexican "football" team. Ugh, sports. I only play Quidditch. And the most dangerous game ... which is hunting a man on an island:


Diana Gowins kept her attitude totally in check this week! She revealed herself to be ... quietly awesome? I know! I was shocked. That's why it was super shitty when a "mystery admirer" delivered the most hilarious and poorly executed portrait of Diana and NeNe to NeNe's suite. All the girls -- including Diana -- were creeped out. Marlo Hampton claimed she was innocent, but I doubt it. That girl is wily and high-school-level mean. I wish those dolphins had dragged her around the water and gotten her head straight. Sadly that didn't happen.


She still thinks it's all about her! She upstaged NeNe at her own beach-side blue-themed party, refusing to wear blue per Diana's instructions. Diana kept her cool, but I slow-clapped when Cynthia Bailey called her out on her nonsense. Marlo's defense? She chose to outshine the bride-to-be because she had been in foster care. I'm sorry. No. Just. No, Marlo.

nene leakes

Do you think NeNe should kick Marlo out of the wedding -- is she worth the hassle, because I haven't seen it?


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