A Maci Bookout Spin-Off Is a Really, Really Bad Idea

maci bookoutIf Maci Bookout has her way, her MTV career won't be coming to an end just because she's no longer a Teen Mom. Looks like she's angling for a series of her own. The proof? A recent tweet she sent out to her adoring, desperate-for-more fans.


Technically, it's a retweet, but the message is clear.

Other followers couldn't agree more. She has long been a fan favorite of show devotees. She made a brief return with the one-off special Being Maci. But this time she wants a more permanent, longer-lasting MTV gig.

Though, if she signs on for her own series, that news is a bit disappointing. Clearly one of the most level-headed and together of all the Teen Mom alums, I was hoping she would use her earnings to go to college and build some sort of non-reality TV career for herself. Working as a nurse, accountant, lawyer, etc., seems to be a more stable choice.

After all, reality TV fame seems so fleeting. Just look at the Jersey Shore cast. Aside from Snooki (who is currently on Dancing With the Stars), no one has any idea what the other once in demand guidos and guidettes are doing. Nor do they care, to be frank. That doesn't bode well for Maci's future in the spotlight.

I understand the allure, of course. She has spent a huge chunk of her formative years on the small screen. She doesn't really know how to do anything else as well as she does that. And things with the new show may be great for a season or two, but what happens after the show is inevitably canceled? Where does that leave her and her son Bentley? She would be better off kick-starting a real career with a real future. That's the kind of reality she should be banking on.

How do you think growing up on reality TV is affecting Maci's kid?


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