'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's New Boyfriend Outed (VIDEO)

Teen Mom Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham has been talking about getting out of the sex biz, even regretting her infamous sex tape, and we've all been wondering why. And now a possible answer has surfaced in the form of photos of the Teen Mom kissing and cuddling with a new guy! Yes, the Backdoor Teen Mom has a boyfriend ... who she has managed to hide for five months!

Who else is hoping this dude watched a few episodes so he knew what he was getting into? And what about what Farrah is getting (and dragging Sophia) into? Here's what we know so far about her new man!


For starters, he's none too hard on the eyes. Check out the hottie's latest selfies on Instagram:

Brian Dawe

So who is this hunk? His name is Brian Dawe, and he's a DJ who has shared the stage with the likes of Rihanna, Busta Rhymes, and (fellow Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' fave) Ke$ha, so he's not one to be awed or scared by fame. That should make it easier on him to deal with the paparazzi and his girlfriend's insatiable hunger for fame.

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Oh, and Dawe has his own reality show history. Dawe has been featured on VH1's Master of the Mix. He knows what it's like to have cameras on him, just like the Teen Mom

He's even had his own hardships that he's worked through, including a battle with cancer.

These two might actually work out! Check out DJ Brian in action:

What will it take for a guy to go long-term with Farrah Abraham?


Images via Instagram; Instagram

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