'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: New Revelations About Lea Black Change EVERYTHING

lea blackFor all you Real Housewives of Miami haters, I have a suggestion. No, not "sit on it", because that is rude and unproductive. Instead, may I kindly direct your attention to last night's episode. The murky roots of Lea Black's anguished past were explored, Adriana De Moura tottled around out of doors clutching a framed photo of her son as a baby, Marysol Patton threatened suicide, and Joanna Krupa got a surprise puppy and surprise boat ride. I defy you to watch it and tell me you still hate the Miami cast. Defy you.

Obviously I am biased because I love only two things on this planet: Lea Black, and also Texas. Still, even if you aren't a fan of those things (or surprise puppies)the episode was a must watch. It set the stage for Lisa Hochstein's dramatic about-face predicted for next week.


The seeds of discontent were sown this week when Lisa was invited to accompany Lea and her son R.J. on a weekend jaunt to Texas (as one does). R.J. had no patience for Lisa and her many bags. He wanted guns and fancy hats, and he wanted him now. If ever you needed one moment that perfectly encapsulates the entire franchise, it was maybe R.J. ordering a steak and a Cobb salad from room service while his grandmother looked on quietly aghast.

Lisa meanwhile, learned more and more about the past that Lea has deliberately (and it seems to me, healthily) left behind. When Lisa finds out that Lea lost her sister in a "tragic accident" she decided that Lea has walls and too many secrets. Uh, it's either that or she has no intention of baring her soul to a woman with whom she appears on a cable television show with. Apparently Lisa has decided that Lea is a bitch for keeping her private feelings private and challenges Lea next week. Awkward for all parties involved.

In other news, without a wedding to focus her storyline, Adriana De Moura faux-cried about her son going off to a school dance. She chased after his car on foot. It was awful. Romain Zago continues assure Joanna Krupa that he's in it to win it. Is his family coming to their wedding? No. But that's cool, because he's shredding their pre-nup and giving her a puppy. Marysol Patton is not handling her mother's declining health well - it was tough to watch. Marysol essentially said that she will lay down and die when her mother does. Oof. A sad note to end the episode on for sure.

Do you think Lisa was being too pushy with Lea? It seemed to be like she was being really rude.


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