Backstabbers, an Unexpected Sex Scandal & Jail Time the Giudices Face (VIDEO)

The Bridezilla disappeared and was replaced by a sourpuss on a mechanical bull!! What is going ON down in Miami?? In today’s episode of The Real Deal, I cover The Real Housewives of Miami as well as the final looks at New Jersey and the upcoming Giudice court case.


First, a few things stuck out to me about Miami. I think Lisa Hochstein was supposed to throw Lea Black under the bus, but it didn’t work out the way the producers wanted. Never mind, because Lea did a fine job of crucifying herself without help!

Second, I smell set-up with Joanna Krupa and her fiancé Romain. While their sunset champagne and cruise was lovely, the prenup got me sniffing for a set-up and then the whole scene jumped the shark ... or should I say the puppy.

But let’s get over to New Jersey, where I have a BIG question for all the moms reading this -- if you haven’t had the sex talk yet and your daughter is 12 and precocious, isn’t it a little late in the game? I break it down in the exclusive video below with alternate suggestions and what mom might be thinking.

Finally, it’s almost court time for Joe Giudice -- before the family even gets to the 39 counts of fraud, they’ve got to deal with those driver’s license charges. I break it all down for you and offer my thoughts as to what might happen. Check it out!


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