Anna Wintour Wants Lena Dunham For Vogue But There's a Small, Stupid Problem

Lena DunhamI am loath to even type Anna Wintour's name for a post. This is because I secretly believe she has powers. These powers include the ability to telepathically immolate any blogger who mentions her. But I love Lena Dunham too much to stay silent out of fear. That's right, I'm the Norma Rae of standing up for Lena Dunham. 

Rumor has it (pause for Adele-sing-along break here) that Anna (Ms. Wintour, if you're nasty) is wooing Lena to be a Vogue cover-girl. As is de rigeur in the traditional rituals of courting, Wintour is apparently hosting a top secret (presumably sexy) dinner for Dunham. Why is the Vogue high priestess so eager to get Dunham on lock for a cover? Is it because she's reinvented the face of modern television?


Of course not. It's because Wintour wants to appeal to the "next generation" of Vogue readers. It was a tough call for Wintour who "doesn't approve of showcasing that body type on the cover." What the WHAT? Let me keep my indignation slightly in check for a second here. I admit that Anna Wintour viewing Lena Dunham to be overweight should be a shock to no one. BUT STILL. WOMAN. YOU ARE A CLICHE. OF YOUR OWN SELF: 

anna wintour

Let's address the stupid part of this first. While Dunham may have been prominently featured in her own show eating a cupcake in the bathtub, the broad is not "overweight". In fact,  many would consider her to be "average." But here's where the second part comes in: It doesn't remotely matter. If you're being thoughtful enough to recognize that Dunham is an integral part of entertainment culture where the next generation is concerned, why you gotta tack on the whole "...except for her ass-size" part, you know?

Do you think it's fair to expect fashion magazines to broaden their ideas of traditional beauty, or am I being too demanding of my pop culture?


Image via Mark Savage/Corbis; Tumblr

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