'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Finally Comes to Her Senses About Her Sex Tape

Farrah AbrahamAdjust your neck braces, Teen Mom fans, and prepare for a little whiplash action. Last month Farrah Abraham was all "oooh, let's make some sex toys to capitalize off my sex tape fame." This month the Teen Mom is oh so over that business!

Yes, it's finally come to pass: Farrah Abraham has woken up and smelled the (for sale on eBay) panties and decided maybe that sex tape wasn't the best idea after all.


According to an interview Farrah did with The Gloss, she's gotten tired of the whole sex club scene, but she says she took it "too far." She even, gasp, seems to regret the sex tape:

I just kinda want to be done with that. I think going out and doing some of these things are fun, but when it gets to a point when it’s not fun, it’s more distracting, I’m not about that anymore.

So let's get this straight. You can go from having your vagina cast in silicone for sex dolls to being oh so much better than such things in less than a month?

Sheesh. Kids these days. Changing their minds more often than I change my shoes.

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But seriously folks, Farrah is just 22. She's at that stage where most of us figure out who we are and what we're all about. She's allowed her mistakes ... and her time to correct them.

What I'm curious about isn't so much why she feels this way about her crazy year because, duh, but what the heck she thinks she's going to do next.

Girlfriend has burned one bridge after another with her diva antics. Networks have reportedly been turning her down for a reality show right and left, and even Playboy isn't interested.

Could Farrah possibly ... gasp ... fade back into obscurity? It might not be what she wants; she did just call herself a "celebrity" the other day after all. But it could be for the best.

What did you do in your early 20s that YOU regret now?


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