Jenelle Evans’ New Hair Makes Us Green With Envy (PHOTO)

Jenelle EvansMy whole life I've wanted better hair. My own is nondescript. It's lank and dish-water blonde. When it was long I was one bandana away from looking like a less-cool version of Bret Michaels.* Yeah, that's right -- LESS cool. That changed when I finally cut off all of my hair. Still, a vestige of this less-secure time in my life is my extreme celebrity hair envy.

Jenelle Evans (weirdly) is someone whose hair I covet. Her hair is great! She's got that long, shiny, thick kind that makes you both want to spit at her AND compare her to Kristen Stewart/Kate Middleton. Admittedly, these are some complicated and quasi-violent feelings to be having about a stranger on TV. But I stand by them. It isn't just that their hair always looks awesome (and it does). It's what they do with it. When you have a perfect head of hair to start with, you can take risks that would make the rest of us look like aging male rock-stars (see my aforementioned Bret Michaels comment).


Take her latest style. Jenelle unveiled some vivid, red highlights in her mane on Instagram. If I were to ever try this myself, I'd probably just look I was cos-playing Gem and the Holograms. By myself. In a public place. But on Jenelle, the streaks look just the right amount of everyday edgy. You know, they are closer to an upper-ear piercing than a nose-piercing on a scale of what is acceptable in the workplace. I think the length of her hair is perfect for this look. Any longer and it might skew slightly too Morticia Addams. Any shorter, and it would look far less sleek.

We usually see Jenelle with a messy top-knot, so this salon-fresh peek at her tresses is a nice change in that respect, too. She's been changing up her style a lot lately. Remember her curly 'do pic from this summer? When you're turning over a new leaf, it makes sense to try on a new style. So far, I think she's knocking it out of the park.

I think the red streaks look great, but I know from past (TERRIBLE) at-home dye experiments that it ain't for me? What was your biggest at-home hair-care disaster?

Image via Instagram

*Seriously, I'd wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and say, "Can YOU handle my rock and roll lifestyle?"

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