Chelsea Houska's Sexy Red Lips Are Something Every Girl Needs to Try (PHOTO)

chelsea houskaWhen it comes to hair and makeup, Chelsea Houska is never one to disappoint. Not only is the Teen Mom always done up to the nines, it seems like every time the wind blows, Chelsea changes up her appearance -- and it's always great fun for us. Her latest look? Bold, red lips. And, yes, as you may have surmised, Chelsea completely kills it. She picked the perfect shade to go with her dark, auburn hair. Seriously, the woman can do no style wrong.

Except for that brief stint she had as a platinum blonde. That was ... no.


There's an art to wearing red lipstick. You can't just roll into CVS, grab a tube off the Revlon display, and call it a day. There are thousands of different shades, and what works on one person won't necessarily work on you. It's really important to take your skin tone, hair color, and face/lip shape into account when picking a red lipstick -- as Chelsea clearly did. Her lipstick looks like it has a slight blue undertone, which goes perfectly with her bronzed skin and deep red hair.

Also, if the thought of wearing red lipstick freaks you out, try dab-applying it instead. Simply smear some lipstick onto your ring finger and haphazardly dab onto the lips. And if you're not into the matte thing, apply a quick slick of clear gloss on top. And lastly, if you're going to rock a red lip, please, please don't do bold, elaborate eye makeup as well. You want your lips to be the focus here; you don't want to look like a drag queen. A few coats of mascara should be all you really need.

So that's that. Kind of a lot to get out of a single pic of Chelsea smiling in her car with some lipstick on, but what can I say? The lady inspires me!

Do you wear red lipstick ever?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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