'Teen Mom' Lets Someone Else Name Her Baby

Teen Mom Briana DeJesusTeen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus hit the jackpot when it came to moms. Roxanne DeJesus is an absolute rock who supports her two daughters -- and granddaughter -- 100 percent. And you better believe Briana appreciates it. Heck, she appreciates her mama so much, she let her name her baby!

Hey, she did a decent job two times over, so why not, right? Um ... 


Briana let that little news slip this week during a Q&A with fans online. When asked how she came up with the baby name Nova Star DeJesus for her little girl, the Teen Mom 3 star responded:

My mother watched a tv show called 'Nova.' It was about space and she just loved the whole meaning of it! And I didn't mind letting my mother pick the name! She deserved that special title! Lol and my sister picked her Middle name 'star' and she has our last name bc Devoin showed me he wasn't ready to be a father so I didn't want to give him such a special gift if he wasn't gonna appreciate it the way he should!

Talk about daughterly devotion!

I love the sentiment Briana expresses here, and from watching the way Roxanne sticks her neck out for her girls on the show, I get it. I just don't know that I could do anything like it.

I can see the attraction of handing it over. In Briana's case, she was giving an incredible gift back to a woman who has given so much to her. There's always something to be said for gestures of love.

I can't deny that it would have been nice to have one less bit of stress taken away during my pregnancy. Because if you don't think baby naming is stressful, you're probably not doing it right. You need to give this baby a name they can live with for the rest of their LIFE! It has to be a name that you won't regret three weeks after the birth certificate has been filed, a name that won't get their ass kicked on the playground, a name they can grow with and take into a board room, a name you can comfortably yell out the back door at suppertime.

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Still, I'm wavering. Naming my daughter is something my husband and I agonized over for a long time, finally settling with me choosing the first name (and him signing off), and him choosing the middle name (and me signing off). That was our process; I don't expect anyone else to follow it any more than Briana expects folks to do as she did with little Nova. That said, a quick survey of parents (aka, I asked on Facebook), and most did something more similar to what my husband I chose to do.

They kept baby naming to themselves. One couple lost a relative while the mother was pregnant, and they opted to name their baby after that relative -- as he'd requested. In a way, I guess that means they gave him "naming rights," but really the ultimate decision still rested with the parents to make that tribute.

How about you? Would you let someone else name your child?


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