'I Dream of NeNe' Recap: NeNe Leakes Teaches Her Bickering Bridesmaids a Painful Lesson

nene leakes Before I say even one word about this week's episode of I Dream of NeNe, I must proclaim my love for Gregg Leakes. Not in a cancel-the-wedding way. In an Andy-Cohen-Give-Gregg-a-Show way. Come ON. The guy is opening his own luxury barbershop! But we have no time to talk about it or the fancy cushions he is designing for it now -- we've got a wedding to plan!

Just three weeks out from the big day and NeNe is almost cracking under the pressure. Her new wedding planner -- while awesome -- isn't magical, so she's got some compromises to make. Add to that a steaming hot pile of bridesmaids tomfoolery and any woman would lose her mind. Did I mention she's waiting to hear if her TV show is coming back for a second season? Somebody rub my shoulders, I can't take the tension -- also, I find shoulder rubs and reality television programming to be the best aphrodisiac there is. Toss the promise of pizza and my ratty slippers into the mix, and seduction is guaranteed.


But enough vis a vis the particulars of my fantasy life! NeNe has just learned that her garden wedding is off the table. There's just no time. It's for the best, since, as Gregg points out, her design would make the garden look like a "tent city." Lol, Gregg. I could watch you talk to dogs and avoid pre-nups for years. High-fives.

Taking a deep breath and putting all her trust into her planner, NeNe goes to hang out with her bridesmaids as they are fitted for their dresses. Their attitudes (I'm looking at you, Diana Gowins) are so bad that she punishes them by forcing them to get cosmetic surgery. As Diana and Pat Sumpter-Davis discuss the supposed interlopers of the circle with numbing cream on their faces, my brother, who was watching with me, shook his head in quiet awe. "This is, like, the definition of reality TV." He was not wrong. While this happened, Gregg hemmed and hawed about the pre-nup some more. Nothing new here except his dashing choice of pocket square. Also he loved registering for gifts at Crate & Barrel more than maybe any person has ever loved a thing -- discounting my passion for pizza.

Sadly, after much anxiety, NeNe got the call this week that her show The New Normal was cancelled. This storyline made me feel the grave weight every psychic must carry. I knew the show was doomed and could do nothing to assuage her fears. Also, I have a goat I keep beside me who acts as a medium. Moving on. Diana didn't take the surgical face-poking as evidence of NeNe's ire and she's still pitching hissies. My money is NeNe ditching her when the girls are in Cancun next week. At least, I hope she does.

just because.

Do you think NeNe should fire Diana from the wedding party?


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