Jenelle Evans' 'Crazy' New Look Is Actually Extremely Pretty (PHOTO)

jenelle evans updoTeen Mom star Jenelle Evans hasn't exactly made a name for herself by making conservative style choices. She's rocked blonde, black, and brown locks; highlights; tattoos; teeny bright bikinis; and facial piercings. Not necessarily looks any and every girl would or could embrace. But now and then, she tries something new on for size that works like a charm for her -- and also looks like a fun, easy way for anyone to switch up their style.

Take for example this "crazy curly updo" she flaunted in one of her latest Instagram shots.


Impressive, right? Looks like an awesome way to throw up your hair in a pinch and still have it come out looking cute instead of sloppy. Also, doesn't it look quite a bit like Chelsea Houska's selfie 'do? Hmm, you almost have to wonder if the two got together for a MTV girls' night and did each other's hair ... (Ha. On second thought, given the Teen Mom girls' constant feuds, naaah.)

At any rate, I'm digging how Jenelle's trying something different, being playful, and having fun with her look -- in such a lighthearted, noncommittal way. Just goes to show you don't have to make mega-changes -- dyeing or chopping your hair -- when you start feeling that occasional itch to tweak your look. Even the oh-so-random, pretty, easy updo can satisfy that need to do something new.

What do you think about Jenelle's updo? What's something similar you've done with your hair to subtly switch up your style?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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