AshLee Frazier Has Finally Found Love With a Fellow 'Bachelorette' Reject

AshLee Frazier Michael GarofolaAww. It looks like somebody has finally landed herself a decent man. Former Bachelor star AshLee Frazier is dating Michael Garofola, the dude from Desiree Hartsock's season who got all preachy on single dad Ben and scolded him for not attending church services on Easter. (Not that I'm calling him out or anything.)

Yep. Ash and Mike are an item. Just check out this photo of the two of them! Do they look like a couple of young kids in love or what?

It's tough not to be happy for AshLee, considering she's been trying to nail down a Bachelor/Bachelorette man ever since Sean Lowe broke her heart and sent her packing.


Aside from Sean, she's been linked to Brad Womack, Jef Holm, and Zak Waddell. Now it looks like she's finally met her match in Michael and has a real shot at the whole happily ever after deal.

And honestly, I'm not sure there's another Bachelor/ette alum out there who is more perfectly suited for her, given how intense and serious she is. Oh come on -- weren't you a little scared at the evil look in her eye after Sean gave her the boot? (Girl was pissed!) She definitely doesn't take dating lightly. Based on how obsessed Michael was with making sure Desiree didn't wind up with the wrong guy, apparently he gets pretty caught up in relationships too.

OMG. These two are so perfect for each other, I can hardly stand it. They may have both been dumped on national television, but if things continue to progress between them, rejection may be the best thing that ever happened to either of them.

I don't know about you, but I smell a total reality TV power couple in the making.

And if AshLee and Michael don't work out and wind up breaking things off? I pity the person who does the dumping -- because odds are good that he/she will wind up having to install an extra deadbolt on their front door.

Do you think Michael and AshLee are good for each other?


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