'DWTS' Recap: Elizabeth Berkley Makes a Move With Val Chmerkovskiy That's Long Overdue

Elizabeth BerkleyOut of all of the weeks on Dancing With the Stars, by far the best is the night when all of the cast members share the stories behind the most memorable years of their lives. Um, please tell me I'm not the only one who was sniffling from the first performance until the last? Tonight's episode was so emotional, and many of the contestants really surprised me with just how sentimental they are.

Seriously, I feel like it might not be a bad idea to buy stock in Kleenex with just how moving some of the performances were.

But forget about the tears for a second. By far, the best part of the whole night was when Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy re-created her classic "I'm so excited" scene from Saved by the Bell.

Am I right? Holy shiz. When Val jumped through the window a la Zack Morris, I suddenly found myself longing for my very first cellphone and a pair of Z. Cavariccis. (Not really, but just go with it.)


I knew she'd pull the Saved by the Bell card at some point, and honestly, it's kind of wild that it took her this long to use it to her advantage. Elizabeth totally bought herself a few extra votes from viewers with that performance, which is definitely a good thing going into next week since the ladies were the ones in jeopardy at the beginning of tonight's show. Heck, there's even a chance she may have left tonight if she and Val hadn't pulled that little stunt. (Well played.)

And I guess that brings us to who wound up going home. I know plenty of people were shocked when host Tom Bergeron announced that this was the end of the road for Christina Milian and Mark Ballas -- but honestly, it's not all that surprising. She's a great dancer, but no one really bought into her -- and a fan base is one thing contestants need just as much as good scores from the judges.

Leah Remini is still in the competition because people genuinely want to root for her. Unfortunately, Christina hasn't had that same effect on viewers this season, thus the whole her leaving the show thing.

It takes more than fancy footwork to last until the end of this thing. Something tells me the best dancer in the bunch might not be the one to take the mirror ball trophy this time around.

If the voting continues with the same pattern, we can probably expect another person somewhere between the middle and top of the leader board to go home next week as well.

Are you surprised to see Christina go?


Image via ABC

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