Jenelle Evans Makes Some Major Life Steps in the RIGHT Direction for Once

jenelle evans, nathan griffith, teen momRole model. Those aren't two words I ever thought to be using in conjunction to describe Jenelle Evans. But time has a way of changing things, and people too. Jenelle's come a long way since she first appeared on our radars as a pregnant teenager. It hasn't been an easy road. God knows there were some bumps along the way. By bumps I mean "drugs" and "awful boyfriends."

But if social media is anything to go by (and very often, it isn't), Jenelle is turning a corner. First she and boyfriend Nathan Griffith posed in a series of family-style portraits. Then she pops up on Twitter to say that she just wants to live a drama-free life. Could this be the start of a newer, more mature Jenelle?


It might be! Recently, Jenelle announced that's she's given up both cigarettes and booze! Say whaaat? Say that. Yeah, she's tried to quit smoking before, but who knows maybe this time it will stick. I was a smoker for *cough* amount of years (no joke, I actually was coughing). It took five attempts at quitting to shake that monkey off my back. If she can do it -- power to her.

That said, she's being pretty vocal about all these big changes for the better she's making. Is this just another phase Jenelle's going through? Of course we hope not, but it seems likely. Jenelle's personality changes depending on whom she's dating. Who's to say that if she and Nathan split, she won't trip into a free-fall? It's all well and good that's she making the effort on the surface -- but will it last in the long-term?

Do you think Jenelle's finally on the right path?


Image via Instagram

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