'Walking Dead' Premieres Tonight & Cast Calls It Most Beautiful Season Yet

the walking deadThe season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead is tonight at 9 p.m./8 central. Tonight! Finally! And it marks the first time writer Scott M. Gimple is running the show -- he's been a writer for the past two seasons but is now in charge. So that means change. And we don't always like that when it comes to our favorite TV shows but Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glenn, shares that this season is the most beautiful one yet.

Unless you find rotting corpses pretty, there isn't much beautiful about The Walking Dead, right? Well, wrong of course.


There's Norman Reedus aka Daryl. Beautiful man. There's also Andrew Lincoln aka Rick. Hot. And of course cutie Glenn. There is plenty of beauty so what is Yeun talking about when he says there will be more?

There is more character development and there will be some beautiful moments between characters, he says, and I think I know what he means by that.

My predictions for this season include some Carol + Daryl action. I also think Maggie and Glenn are going to make a baby. They are going to thrive at that sterile prison -- they are even planting fuits and vegetables and loving each other while fending off the walkers. There is plenty of beauty amongst the chaos of running from zombies. The human spirit is alive and well and even procreating in this post-apocalyptic world! There is hope for us yet.

Are you ready for the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead?


Image via AMC

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