Teresa Giudice's Clueless Act Is Getting Old

Teresa Giudice As a rule of thumb, if you go around saying "I'm not in denial," you are probably right in the thick of it. Take, for example, Teresa Giudice. She was recently interviewed by E! about her upcoming court case. She didn't really deviate from the Teresa-patois she served up while talking to Andy Cohen not so long ago along with her hubs, Joe Giudice

Like, at all. "Focusing on the positive" and "telling my story in court" were all things she touched on again. It's one thing to have a prepared statement, it's another to have one that includes you swearing up and down that you don't even understand the charges being brought against you.


I don't think pleading, essentially, that you are too thick to understand the crimes of which you are being accused is a really strong defense. Besides, you'd think Teresa would steer away from any path that might give her detractors a legitimate reason to call her stupid. I mean, if you don't understand the charges ... have someone explain them to you, maybe? Like your lawyer, perhaps? If Teresa can't understand what's going on with her legal woes, what else might she be clueless about?

1. How the Sun Works

The sun rises and it sets. Each morning, Teresa bolts upright in bed and shakes Joe. "Joe, Joe -- IT'S BACK." Galileo spins in his grave. 

2. Where Babies Come From

Teresa isn't sure how it all works, but she suspects it might have something to do with the naked cuddling of which Joe is so fond. 

3. Dogs

A dog comes up to Teresa. It wags its tail, it barks sweetly. Teresa scrambles backward, yelling, "BEAR!" 

4. Refrigerators 

Almost as baffling as the sun. For a long period of time Teresa thought when you closed the door, food appeared inside the chilled box. This was before Joe explained to her that he had been 'buying groceries.'

5. Gravity

Teresa is holding a glass of water. It slips from her hand and shatters on the ground. She looks around and quietly whispers, "... Sorcery."

Do you think Teresa is really as clueless as she seems?


Image via BravoTV.com 

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