'RHONJ' Star's Husband Caught in the Act! (PHOTO)

caroline manzoCaroline Manzo has been pretty darn open when it comes to discussing the cheating allegations made against her husband, Albert Manzo. To give her credit where credit is due, what goes on in her marriage isn't any of our business. Any hints she deigns to drop about it, that's entirely her prerogative.

Still, Caroline ruffled some major feathers when she intimated that she could see her husband of over 30 years being unfaithful. It was less the revelation that was surprising and more the shrug-worthy way the woman shared the intel. But Caroline's a notoriously cool customer.


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Her kids upon hearing the news that daddy may have strayed once upon a time had their own reactions to share. It seems they believe their mother when she says that the comment she made during the reunion wasn't a big deal. As you can imagine knowing her gang of jokers, their responses weren't exactly teary.

Son Chris Manzo (head clown) spent far, far too much time photoshopping a picture that he later posted to Instagram. "Shocking PROOF is the ongoing scandal of my father's cheating ways," he somberly captures ... this photo of Ted, the animated bear of cinematic infamy, wearing a bra and dancing upon an oblivious Albert. Obviously no one in the family is taking this whole scandal too seriously. That should be something we all take into consideration before we continue gasping in horror.

caroline manzo

Do you think Caroline was being serious about Albert's past?


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