'Teen Mom' Breastfeeds on Camera & Doesn’t Care What the Haters Think

katie teen mom 3It's crazy to think people still have a problem with breastfeeding, but apparently we still have some edjumacating to do. Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager got hated on for breastfeeding her baby Molli on the show -- and she thinks that's nutty. "Someone told me that it was disgusting that I breastfed my daughter. I just looked at her and was like ... OK." Wow, how rude! But good for Katie for standing up for herself and her choice to breastfeed. She has the power to change a lot of minds.

Katie continues, "I was like excuse me, but what I do with my boobs is my priority." I think we all know what she means: Her body, her choice, her business. But it's not just about that -- Katie is also raising awareness of breastfeeding as something NORMAL and healthy, not something you have to hide.


I don't know if Katie's hater was disgusted by breastfeeding on TV or just breastfeeding in general -- probably both. Regardless, that person is clearly an ignorant boob. And for every ignorant boob who thinks breastfeeding is disgusting, there are many other young women who may just be conflicted about it. Seeing Katie could sway them toward nursing their own babies someday.

It's great that Katie was comfortable breastfeeding on camera -- she could have insisted on doing that only off-screen, privately. But she didn't, because for her it's just part of parenting.

When you think about it, Katie didn't even need to volunteer that little anecdote on the show. I'm sure she had plenty of other things to talk about. But she did, and I'm glad. For all the lectures and information people get, I bet seeing someone on Teen Mom do it, and defend it, could have an even greater impact.

Do you think someone on Teen Mom could change people's minds about breastfeeding?


Image via MTV

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