Farrah Abraham Lives in a Mansion ... in Her Mind, Anyway

farrah abrahamMethinks Farrah Abraham doth protest too much. She can't seem to let go of all the rumors circling her porno. Excuse me, her adult special-private-time video. Chief among them? How much change the backdoor mom brought home for her saucy exploits.

Farrah's always claimed that she hit the million-dollar mark. Many of those in the know, however, call hokum on this. The odds are she wasn't paid much more than $10K, which isn't nothing, but definitely isn't a million dollars. Farrah, like Cleopatra before her, remains the queen of denial.


In the face of all these naysayers, Farrah trumpeted her annoyance on Twitter yesterday. She did her darndest to take down her detractors. Here's what she had to say ... before she quickly deleted her tweet:

Laughing @the idiots claiming I made 10k on my #celebritysextape, weird how I drive a tesla & live in a mansion #NoPornStar #Celebrity haha

Dear Farrah,

It's me, Reality! Remember how because of me you got a slot on a TV show? Yeah, sorry about that. At the time I thought it would only help you, a newly single mother, support her child. But given the way things are going lately, I think it's time you checked in with me.

This nonsense has got to stop. Tweeting about cars and houses where you don't actually live? Not the best choices you could make. I'm starting to worry that you're getting so far away from me that we'll never see each other again. Check in with me sometime soon, won't you?



Do you think Farrah's finally really lost it?

Image via Instagram

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