Farrah Abraham Thinks She Is a Fashionista Now (VIDEO)

farrah abrahamI sing you a song of Farrah Abraham, the teen mom with the backdoor made of gold. Let it never be said that this ambitious lady ever missed an opportunity to make it rain money upon her abode. She'll try anything once. I'm waiting for the announcement that she's become an international correspondent and is being sent to war-torn Syria.

Since the day has not yet come for Farrah to be banished from our shores, I'll have to console myself with news of her forays into other professions. This week the woman considers herself a fashion maven and there's video to prove it. May the furry buddha who reigns in the sky have mercy on us all.


In the brief Keek video Farrah posted on Sunday, she talks about "fall fashion loves" and makes about 30 percent sense. Considering who we are discussing, this is a vast improvement on her previous sense-to-nonsense percentiles, which normally rank in the low teens. The video is pretty compelling, provided you have mixed cold medicine with horse tranquilizers. 

Oct 6, 2013| Source: Keek.com


I'm not exactly sure what makes Farrah a style expert. Apparently to her that title means people say they like your top. In that case, I have been fashion's newest Anna Wintour since my early-to-mid infancy. My onesies were hella fresh. Farrah asks that you share your favorite looks for fall, like plaid. I was going to, but then I fell asleep. Horse tranquilizers are no joke, guys.

Do you buy Farrah as a new style expert?


Image via Instagram

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