'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Silas Is Back & More Murdery Than Ever

stefan Well we made it through the first episode of the new season of The Vampire Diaries and only two characters were killed off! Given that lately the show's become not dissimilar to a play by the Jacobean scribe John Webster, we're going to call that a good sign. Leave it to TVD to start stuff off with a bang! 

Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes trundled off to college -- they might not have made it there as humans, but made it they did. Bonnie Bennett still has everyone thinking she's hanging out in the Grand Canyon (totally what I'm calling death from here on out) rather than share the fact that she is, in fact, dead. How that's less cruel than telling folks the truth, I'm not sure. 


But Bonnie's not the only one this episode who was involved in all manner of subterfuge. With Elena away, Damon Salvatore was playing Mr. Mom to her brother, Jeremy. And, I'll have you know, Damon is no Michael Keaton.

In order to do this without spoiling Elena's first week at college, he lies (in no particular order) about Silas having returned and being Stefan's doppleganger, Jeremy getting kicked out of school, and the now-human Katherine Pierce showing up seeking sanctuary. Did we mention he lied about Jeremy almost dying in a car crash? He lied about Jeremy almost dying in a car crash. 

That's cool though because Elena and Caroline have their own ish to contend with. Namely their new (and newly deceased) roommate. Their unexpected third roommate Meghan was packing water bottles full of vervain and died in suspicious circumstances. Turns out she knew Elena's dad. This leads me to believe that Elena will spend most of this season skipping class and solving mysteries. That is -- when she's not consoling Caroline who can't seem to accept that she and Tyler are more done than a Salisbury steak, and less than half as delicious. Caroline, go make out with new cast member, Jesse! Then realize Stefan is your true love! For my sake. 

In other news, Matt and Rebekah are back from their summer of banging abroad. During this adventure, they had a threesome with a Russian woman. She followed them back to Mystic Falls and is clearly up to no good as her alley-stabbing of Matt quickly proved. That'll teach the teens -- no threesomes for anyone! 

What was your favorite part of this week's episode?

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