Farrah Abraham Gets Crazy Creepy Gift From Fan

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham, you madame, are a cunning enigma. Just when I think there is no way I could possibly have anything else to say about the woman, the sun sets. Then it rises, a new day is born. With it I come to find that Farrah has discovered yet another new and baffling way of surprising me. It's like Christmas, but terrible and with no religious imagery.

It wasn't but a moment ago when it seemed like Farrah finally had someone on her side. Her own plastic surgeon decided to speak up about how hardworking she is. It almost made you forget that there are a lot of hardworking people who DON'T feel the need to have all their medical procedures photo-documented.


You can't do stuff like go under the knife in front of an audience and then act like you're surprised when you attract, uh, some total weirdos. Exhibit this dude who sent Farrah a box of "sexy" goodies. Being Farrah she was quick to share a pic of the stuff on Twitter.

Yeah. This is intensely creepy. The negligee I kind of understand, she's a porn star, after all. I even get the pasties to a certain degree. Because, again, porn star. The shot glass gave me pause, but hey, who doesn't love the occasional shot while wearing panties a stranger bought you, right? But the tape recorder kicks the skeeviness level up a notch to full-on Pee-Wee-Herman-in-the-movie-theater creepiness, you know? But it's not like Farrah can complain, you get what you give. Who wants to do shots?

Do you think Farrah has a right to be grossed out by her fans?


Image via Instagram

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