Lamar Odom Says He’s Got His Problems Under Control But His Appearance Says Otherwise

khloe and lamarOh man. This is a tough one. Lamar Odom appeared at Khloe Kardashian's house to visit her. This was once his home too, but he hasn't been seen there in a dog's age. Who knows what they discussed. One thing's for sure -- it wasn't rainbows and lollipops. This business is heavy.

With the couple's recent anniversary still looming large, it's got to be rough for them to be as on the rocks as they appear to be. Khloe's said she won't see Lamar until he gets help for his drug problem. But this recent visit doesn't mean he's getting the kind of help Khloe meant.


Reportedly, Lamar is currently treating ... himself. He tried to get word of this back to Khloe. We can't imagine she's having any of it. We doubt his recent appearance at their old home did much to prove himself to her.

Walking to the door, Lamar looked sickly, tired, and strung out. It's a shocking change in appearance for this usually fit and healthy basketball player. The fact that he still cares enough about Khloe to fight for their marriage is promising. The fact that he still seems to be in such deep denial about his own -- now clearly visible -- problem is not.

Do you think Lamar will ever seek help?


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