Mesmerizing 'Breaking Bad' Tribute Song Will Be Stuck in Your Head All Day (VIDEO)

Breaking BadHave you ever watched one of those YouTube mashup videos where someone's clearly put a superhuman amount of effort into it and you're like, WHO HAS THE TIME FOR THIS MADNESS? But then you send it to all your friends because CHECK OUT THIS HILARIOUS VIDEO YOU GUYS? I'm thinking that's pretty much how you'll feel about this insane Breaking Bad summary set to R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)."

The Riben Collective actually managed to put together a pretty good recap of Breaking Bad's entire five-season arc in one fast-paced song parody, and if you don't believe this is possible, I actually typed up all the lyrics for you so you can more efficiently appreciate the awesomeness.

Oh, and it's full of MILLIONS OF SPOILERS, so consider yourself warned.


Here's the video:

And here are all the lyrics (which I typed via the same pause-and-play method I once used as a sixth grader to transcribe "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys. Memmmmoriiiiies!):

That's great it starts with a family man
Chemistry teacher with cancer
Making drugs was not the plan
In-law DEA wife pregnant cash today, cooking meth RV breaking bad with Jesse
Crazy 8 meets fate, Tuco's crazy full of hate
Jesse leaves, Walt pleads, distributes amphetamines
Tuco takes Walt to hell, Salamanca ringing bells
Hank follows on his lead, Walt pleads insanity
Lawyer Saul Goodman can he launder yes he can, What's Walt's plan
Gus is met junkie death because of meth, Airplane crash teddy splash going crazy for the cash
Sky finds him dealing meth, Gus warrants Hank's death
Walt thinks he'll wind up dead, tries to run but Sky fucks Ted
Gale's thinking new position, Gus's front damn good chicken
Grandpa hit man named Mike, boss running at double life
Combo dying carwash buying, stupid gangster died trying
Gus is mad, wants 'em dead, Jesse kills Gale instead
It's the end of Breaking Bad as we know it (repeat), We're not fine…
Gus shows his dominance, Heisenberg is more than pissed
Trapped in the lab alone, Sky is worried 'bout their home
Hank is finally thrown a bone, when Gale's lab notes are shown
WW who are you, Walter White what will you do
Jesse cooks damn good meth but won't allow for Walt's death
Gus avenges gay lover, poison cartel dead forever
Sky gives Ted money, Walt thinks it's really funny
Turning Jesse to his side, to his face he just lied
Hector goes to DEA, Walt blows Gus's face away
Burn the lab to the ground no evidence is found

It's the end of Breaking Bad as we know it (repeat), We're not fine ...

Getting rid of evidence, everything is making sense
Jesse thinks he's super slick, yeah science magnets bitch
Lydia paranoid wants to kill Mike's boys
They need Mike for distribution, but he's done resolution
Lawyer caught money find, Mike needs cash now
Walter wants no loose ends, Mike will make them whole again
Rob a train for methylamine, Todd kills a preteen
Mike and Jesse out for good, Walt has done more than he should
Say my name Heisenberg, you're damn right that's for sure
Mike is sent to Belize, Jesse is less than pleased
New partners' badass cousin, killing prisoners by the dozen
What is all the killing for, money piled on the floor
WW found a clue, what will Hank do?
What will Hank do?

It's the end of Breaking Bad as we know it (repeat), We're not fine ...
(You're not the boss of me now, and you're not so big)

Hank didn't plan for this, starts feeling really sick
Working on the case from home punches Walter in his dome
Lydia ups the game, Marie's tryin' to baby claim
Jesse bout to leave town last second turnaround
Beat Saul gasoline can't let Heisenberg go free
Jesse better watch his back, Jack the hit man's coming back
Walt is tricked money bait, finally accepts his fate
Unexpected fire battle, Hank is dead family rattled
Walt wants Jesse's death, Todd makes him cook meth
Sky knife stealin' baby, phone call saves her maybe
Saul is done won't have Walt's back, Jesse run Andrea whacked
Hides so long all alone, Walt gives up on the phone
Old friends Charlie Rose, threatens them in their home
Lydia's gonna die, goes to Sky says goodbye
Turret gun needs the keys, kills them all but Jesse
Won't shoot Walter in the head, Heisenberg is dead!

It's the end of Breaking Bad as we know it,
It's the end of Breaking Bad as we know it,
It's the end of Breaking Bad as we know it,
It's the end of Breaking Bad as we know it, and we're not fine…

(Life is unfair ...)

Pretty amazing, right? I'm particularly impressed by the way they subtly worked in some of the Malcolm in the Middle theme song.

What did you think of this Breaking Bad tribute?

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