‘Vampire Diaries’ Returns -- The 9 Stages of Our Total Freakout

nina dobrev, ian somerhalderGuess what, guess what, guess what, guess what? THE VAMPIRE DIARIES IS BACK, Y'ALL! For those of us deeply devoted to the show, there are a lot of questions we hope to have answered. How long until everyone realizes Stefan Salvatore is stuck at the bottom of a lake? What will a human Katherine Pierce be like? What's up with Delena? Will Jeremy Gilbert ever stop having complicated relationships with dead women? And so many more!

It's been a daunting summer for us fans, emotionally speaking. Of course, things are going to get much sunnier now that the show is back! That said, we've still got a whoooole day to work through. To get you stoked, I've broken down the 9 stages of realizing The Vampire Diaries starts tonight for your amusement.


1. In a summer cruelly void of all things Vampire Diaries, you've done your fair share of weeping ...


2. Your friends were sympathetic at first, but now even they think you need to get over it -- THE JERKS.


3. "But aren't you excited about The Originals, now you'll have two Vampire Diaries to watch!" they all say. THE ORIGINALS IS NOT TVD, STOP TRYING TO MAKE THE ORIGINALS HAPPEN.


4. It's either yell at them or quietly murmur at the re-runs on your DVR:


5. But then suddenly, sandal season is over -- the end is in sight! You strongly rally, knowing that one day not-so-long from now, the show will return:


6. September arrives, and you see the first promo images on the subway. It's love at first sight all over again --


7. Then, before you even notice, it's Thursday! It's HERE! IT IS THE DAY OF THE RETURN! Any manners you may have on your commute go out the window:


8. All you want to do is sit down for one hour of sheer Vampire bliss, but before you do that, you've got to explain the plot to your chatty roommate:


9. But it's okay, you don't mind -- because the show is BACK! It's on! The world is magical again, and everything is adorable and awesome and perfect:

Are you going to watch The Vampire Diaries tonight?


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