Replacing Chris Harrison as Host of 'The Bachelor' Is a Recipe for Disaster

Chris HarrisonOMG. While scrolling through my Facebook news feed yesterday, I noticed something about Chris Harrison being replaced as the host of The Bachelor, and I seriously started to freak out just a little bit.

I figured one of two things was going on. Either Chris was becoming The Bachelor (squee!) and ABC needed to find an alternate host for his season, or Chris had decided his journey with the show was over and was ready to move on to greener pastures.

Then I heard who he was supposedly being replaced with, and I didn't really care which of the scenarios was behind his departure.

Are you ready for this? Jake Pavelka. And when I heard his name, I figured this HAD to be some kind of a joke.


And by the grace of all that is good and holy -- it is. (Whew.)

Here's what went down that got everyone all in a tizzy thinking Chris had been replaced by Jake.

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss posted the following update to Twitter:

Annnndddd everyone went nuts. Can you blame them? I mean, can you for one second imagine how much the show would suck not only if Chris left (even for one episode) -- but if Pavelka was the one who stepped in to try and fill his shoes?

OMG. Other than someone taking over for one season should Chris ever actually take the driver's seat and become The Bachelor. ABC would be absolutely nuts to ever give the gig to someone else.

The show just wouldn't be the same without him -- or his trademark phrases. Anyone else announcing, "Ladies, this is the final rose tonight" or "If you didn't receive a rose, take a moment and say your goodbyes" just wouldn't sound right -- and the show would go straight into the gutter.

Let me ask you this -- have you watched American Idol since Simon Cowell left? Nah, me neither. Because it sucks. And that's exactly what will happen if Chris is ever replaced -- which is why it can never EVER happen.

(Deep breaths.)

Would you watch The Bachelor if Chris weren't the host?


Image via ABC

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